10 Health Tips IX

10 Health Tips
Photo by Shushipu on Pixabay

1. Maintain a low fat diet.

Foods that are naturally low in fats are fruits, vegetables, beans and grains. Make sure to check the product labels you buy from the market. Fat content label per serving should not be greater than 2 to 3 grams. It is best to choose fat content of 1 gram of fat per 100 calories.

2. Control yourself from eating too much.

During holidays and parties, foods prepared can be very mouth watery but you need to resist it by staying away from the preparation. As much as possible, set in your mind that you need to eat only nutritious foods at a non excessive amount.

3. Do an elimination dieting.

If you suspect that you are allergic to foods. Do this gradually by eliminating each food you usually eat for a period of 2 to 4 weeks to see changes. The process will be repeated in an opposite manner by introducing again the eliminated food to see if allergic symptoms will be manifested.

4. Stress, tension, and anxiety can also trigger allergies.

Try to determine the causes and deal with it by relaxation, meditation, reflection and other kinds of coping technique. Drink milk before sleeping at night it can greatly contribute to a good rest thus decreases your potential to be stressed out.

5. Wash skin surface with cool water and mild soap.

Immediately after you developed rashes and itchiness from a known chemical irritant. Do not scratch to prevent wound from further infection. You may use calamine lotion to treat itchiness but not in the face area or near the eyes. If rashes continue to develop, seek for medical help.

6. Leave your hair alone.

If hair sprays can ruin the ozone layer, what more can it do to your hair? So does the hair dyes that contain various chemicals with adverse effects on the health of a person. Not only will your hair and scalp be affected but so will your other organs just by breathing in the chemicals it contains.

7. Eating lots of fiber.

It is a known fact that eating fiber foods can help a lot in cleaning your body’s digestive tract of various toxins and accumulated feces. Some of the best fiber foods are brown rice, wheat bread, bran cereal, fruits, and vegetables.

8. Do exercises that will reduce fat and make you sweat.

Exercises and workout such as these will not only give you a well toned and better shaped body but also cleanse it from toxins that are both stored and are located on your body’s surface. You have to know what the proper exercises are that will have you sweating and losing unhealthy fat.

9. Proper composting and pet waste disposal.

Along with a healthy body should some a healthy environment. Failure to do so will only result into a surrounding that is toxic field and unhealthy. Since garbage is part of life and pets are a common fixture in many homes, it is necessary that proper pet waste and garbage disposal is done. Composting or recycling of garbage or using it to enrich your garden is a good advice.

10. Make your exercise or fitness regimen fun and interesting.

By including others in your daily routine. For example, walking at the park with your dog, or jogging every morning with your best friend. In some cases, join exercise groups to gain new friends and get more advice about exercising.