10 Health Tips VI

10 Health Tips
Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

1. Eat whole foods.

Whole foods are healthy since its natural compositions are intact. It is not refined nor processed. It does not consist additional chemicals like preservatives, flavorings, and other ingredients. Eat whole foods by including fresh vegetables and fruits to every meal.

2. Eat steamed oysters.

Oysters are high in zinc that is needed for the cells production and tissues repair. Zinc enhances the immune and reproductive system. Zinc can also be found in other foods such as pork and beef.

3. Consume flaxseeds.

Omega 3 fatty acid eliminates cholesterol, however for those people who do not like oily fish, you can substitute with Flaxseeds instead. Flaxseeds is a composed of Omega 3 fatty acid that is available in many nutrition stores. You can take this weekly as your food supplement.

4. Find out if you have food allergy.

You have to change your diet and your nutritional intake. By eliminating the triggering foods, you might have to supplement the lost nutrients. Although diet modifications are a must, but you still have to observe a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy body without the allergy triggering foods.

5. Do not to share your bedroom with your pets.

Particularly if you have allergies, put your pets in a different room to prevent inhaling their hair and dead skin cells. People who have different allergy type may develop reaction to pets more to those who share bedroom with their pets.

6. Avoid alcohol.

Because red wine is good for the heart due to its resveratrol content, you still have to limit alcohol intake since too much of it can damage organ and health such as liver problems, heart weakening, feelings of tiredness, and loss of sleep. You can choose to stop drinking entirely and take resveratrol supplements instead.

7. Meditation.

It is an excellent method to clear your body and mind of toxic thoughts and energy which can be harmful. Select good meditation guides and a follow a schedule which you are able to do regularly.

8. Do cardiovascular exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise can improve health and is great for burning calories. A routine cardiovascular exercise can also be good for anger management therefore promoting a more relaxed mind and body.

9. Have body massages.

Get the services of a professional masseur who can give you a therapeutic massage to enjoy its full benefits such as better digestive system and to stimulate your body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

10. Lead a simple life.

By leading a simple life, you can focus more on keeping your lifestyle and body healthy. The more things you do, the less time you have to focus on the awareness of the harmful chemicals and toxins in your environment. Leading a simple life will also allow you time for yourself.