10 Health Tips VII

10 Health Tips
Photo by Free Photos on Pixabay

1. The best and healthiest way of preparing poultry.

Remove the visible skin and fats prior to cooking. Roast, bake, or broil poultry instead of deep frying to prevent oil absorption. Among the parts, the chicken breasts contain high protein and low fat which make it the better choice cuts.

2. Have brighter and healthier eyes.

Eat foods rich with vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, and lutein. These are all antioxidants that can decrease your risk of eye problems especially the age-related macular degeneration which can cause blindness as you grow old. These can all be taken from green leafy vegetables.

3. Be careful of what you buy in the grocery store.

An attractive food package and expensive price does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. Famous product endorsers can also be very convincing but you should not believe everything you see and hear from them. It is best that you have your own knowledge of what is good for you.

4. Sometimes the food allergens are your favorite foods.

Which could be more difficult for you to get rid of. Try to condition your mind that foods and additives that can trigger your allergies are not edible. This way, you can gradually avoid temptation of eating or tasting bits.

5. Wear gloves and mask when dusting or cleaning your house.

To prevent inhalation of dust. Keep your stuffed toys or place them in a sealed plastic wrap. Always wash floor rags to prevent growth of molds. Make sure to vacuum or clean under your bed and always use a damp cloth to wipe dust off.

6. Stop drug use and abuse.

Aside from those prescribed, it comes as no secret that dangerous drugs can lead to many unhealthy results some of which are fatal. It can give your body an incredible amount of toxin that can immediately weaken the immune system of your body that you need to fight illnesses.

7. Do meditation alone.

Doing meditation alone is the most effective manner of doing it if you want to get immediate results. To do it well, you should remove any discomforts or nuisances that can ruin your concentration. Make use of a comfortable location with proper lighting and temperature. Be patient with the results as they do not happen overnight.

8. Do regular swimming exercises.

It is now considered to be a good detox exercises since it works out your heart and muscles and it promotes better breathing and gives better body temperature thereby assisting in the internal cleansing of your body. It would however be best to swim in a pool with natural water instead of the chlorinated ones.

9. Make use of a car that is eco-friendly.

Getting rid of pollutants in the environment is a way of removing toxins that may enter your body. By making use of a car that will not result into additional pollution, like an electric car or one run by water, that you and your loved one can easily breathe in, you will be able to decrease the existence of toxic fumes in the air.

10. Learn to sustain what you already achieved.

Having a healthy and proper diet is already difficult. Even harder is the task of sustaining it and making sure that what you achieved previously in terms of your health and detoxification is not wasted by just going back to your bad habits.