10 #Ridiculous #Products That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In #Disbelief

Well, there’s good news. None of these are real. The call come from the imagination of architect Katerina Kamprani. She created these prototypes and appropriately named them, “The Uncomfortable”.

1. Good luck with this one.

Good luck this

2. Here’s your silverware. Enjoy your meal.

Enjoy your meal

3. Santa’s demise is imminent.

demise is imminent

4. Useless rain boots.

Useless rain boots

5. Well, that’s awkward…

that's awkward

6. The filled-in spoon makes eating soup difficult.

eating soup difficult

7. Insert key and… be frustrated.

Insert key frustrated

8. This candlestick is doomed.

candlestick is doomed

9. Hey button, you’re worthless.

button you're worthless

10. And finally, the watering can that hates itself.

can hates itself

If those didn’t make you feel uncomfortable enough, Katerina has an entire Facebook page for it. Share these ridiculously creative items with your friends. Infuriate them.