10 #Surprising #Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The #Pentagon

The Pentagon is among the most well-known structures on the planet. You do not get a status like that without having some fascinating truths that most individuals have no idea about. Here are 10 of the very best ones:

1. It had not been expected to be for the Department of Defense.

It wasn't supposed to be for the DoD

President Roosevelt never ever planned the Pentagon to be the house of the DoD. In the 1930s he commissioned another structure for the War and Navy departments, however they rapidly grew out of that area. That’s when he ordered a brand-new structure that might accommodate 40,000 staff members and 10,000 automobiles. The old War Department structure is now the State Department.

2. Larger than the Empire State Building.

Bigger than the Empire State Building

With 5,100,000 square feet of workplace, the Pentagon has two times as much space as the Empire State building in New York.

3. The Pentagon replaced a neighborhood called “Hell’s Bottom”.

The Pentagon replaced Hell's Bottom

When the Pentagon was constructed, it was on top of a bad black community referred to as Hell’s Bottom. The location was settled by previous servants after the Civil War. It was thought about as a sort of red light district.

4. It was nicknamed “Ground Zero” throughout the Cold War.

It was nicknamed Ground Zero during the Cold War

Long prior to 9/11 when Ground Zero ended up being associated with the Twin Towers, the Pentagon was referred to as Ground Zero. This was since if nuclear war broke out with the Soviets, it was thought they would target the Pentagon.

5. 17.5 Miles.

17.5 Miles

You can get an exercise simply walking the Pentagon. In overall the Pentagon has 17.5 miles of passages. The structure is such a maze that General Eisenhower got lost attempting to find his office.

6. Remodellings.


The Pentagon has just had 1 significant remodelling since 1943. That redesign took 17 years and completed in 2011.

7. Just 5 Stories High.

Only 5 Stories High

The Pentagon is just 5 stories high. This was done to save steel for World War II which was occurring at the time of its building and construction. The designers likewise keep it brief due to the fact that they didn’t wish to ruin the view of the Capital throughout the Potomac River.

8. No elevators.

no elevators

There are no elevators in the Pentagon. This was likewise initially done to save steel for WWII.

9. Finished in record time.

Completed in record time

The Pentagon is so huge, that you would not believe it could be finished really rapidly. General Leslie Groves oversaw the construction of the Pentagon and got the task done in simply 2 years.

10. More restrooms than you can shake a stick at.

More restrooms than you can shake a stick at

The Pentagon now has twice the number of restrooms than it really requires. This is due to the fact that it was developed throughout segregation and had to have different restrooms for both white and black staff members.

Some individuals might not like exactly what it means, or a few of the important things that go on therein. However, you have got to admit it is a remarkable architectural task.