11 Year-Old #Girl Who Battled #Cancer Creates An Awesome #Invention

Kylie Simond’s battle with cancer pressed her to create a life-changing gadget for other kids going through the exact same thing she did. When the 11-year-old was provided a school task to create something that resolves a daily issue, she did not go the common path of constructing a baking soda volcano or a potato-powered light bulb.

Rather, she drew from her own individual experience of fighting cancer and chose to develop something valuable for children fighting devastating health problems. She created the “Chemo Backpack”, which is a portable, wearable IV device for children getting transfusions or chemotherapy. She even made the backpacks in various vibrant colors to make them attractive to children.

Presently, Kylie, who has actually been cancer-free for 2 years, is raising money to produce a working prototype through CrowdRise. You can assist make the Chemo Backpack a reality by contributing. Share this little lady’s amazing invention with your loved ones.