13 Kids Wrote Brutally Honest Cards For Their Mothers

Children have a talent for being brutally honest, even when it hurts… which can have absolutely hilarious results. Sure, all of these kids told their moms that they loved them… But they also told their moms what they didn’t love about them. These kids have guts!

1. That’s almost a compliment…

almost a compliment

2. She loves you. Not your meatloaf.

Not your meatloaf

3. Ouch, that hurts, kid!

Ouch that hurts

4. Just let them have a dessert for being so sweet!

have a dessert

5. You’re like a video game, mom. And that’s awesome.

a video game

6. Hey, mom. I love you more than snakes.

more than snakes

7. Sharing Netflix is serious bonding time.

Netflix bonding time

8. That was a painful day, thanks honey!

a painful day

9. This kid is just awesome.

kid is awesome

10. The honesty is appreciated, kid.

honesty is appreciated

11. I think they want a sibling. Maybe?

want a sibling

12. That’s rough!

That's rough

13. This… is just way too cute.

way too cute

Mothers, fathers, and all family members are precious gifts, but remember to be extra thankful for Moms. Maybe eat her meatloaf (or at least pretend to). She deserves to feel loved! Share this with all of your moms and friends online and leave your comment below: