14 Pictures That #Prove #Dads Are Just As #Awesome As Moms

As many kids grow up, they probably act closer to their moms than they do their dads. We all know that moms are awesome, they get a lot of appreciation for everything they do. One aspect of parenting that goes under the radar far too often is when a dad is awesome. It takes to two tango, so why not give the dads out there a bit of the spotlight? I think it’s time to show dad some love and shine the light on the awesome things dads do for their kids.

1. That’s a Super Dad.

That's Super Dad

2. Defending that store from unwanted intruders.

Defending that store

3. Bat Dad.

Bat Dad

4. The perfect pushup is an important skill to teach.

The perfect pushup

5. That’s some awesome cosplay.

some awesome cosplay

6. Don’t have a swing? I’ll be the swing.

be the swing

7. Dads know about styling hair as well!

Dads know styling

8. Watch out Spider Woman!

Watch Spider Woman

9. Dad pile!

Dad pile

10. The great American past time.

American past time

11. Nail polish, an important decision to make.

an important decision

12. Tea time! Glad to see dad dressed up.

Tea time

13. Heroes at the store.

Heroes at store

14. Surfs up, dude!

Surfs up dude

I think I’m going to call my dad and thank him for being awesome. Share this post if you love your dad or the father of your children. They deserve a pat on the back every now and then.