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14 Things You Never Knew That Instantly Make Everything Better

If you’re having an awful day… it’s about to change. There’re many ways to ruin your day. Perhaps you’re having a difficult time at work or your significant other is angry with you. Sometimes, we simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of the day is a living nightmare. No matter the reason for your bad mood, it’s about to go away. By just reading these interesting and awesome facts, you’ll feel a lot better. Get ready to smile in 3… 2… 1…

1. When a giant panda is born, it weighs only 3-5oz and is about 7 inches long.

giant panda born

2. Cows have best friends.

Cows have friends

3. Puffins mate for life.

Puffins mate life

4. Otters hold hands so they don’t float away from each other while they sleep.

Otters hold hands

5. Fitzroy river turtles can breathe through their butts.

Fitzroy river turtles

6. Thousands of new trees are planted every year by squirrels… because they forgot where they hid their nuts.

Thousands new trees

7. We’re all made from star dust.

made from star

8. Hugging can cause oxytocin to be released in your body (it lowers blood pressure and cortisol).

Hugging cause oxytocin

9. Blind people smile when they’re happy, even though they’ve never seen a smile.

Blind people smile

10. If you make yourself smile, your body will release chemicals that’ll make you feel happy.

make yourself smile

11. Making yourself laugh hard will sometimes result in you naturally laughing hard.

Making yourself laugh

12. Rats laugh when tickled, but you’d need special equipment to hear it.

Rats laugh tickled

13. Alexander Graham Bell originally wanted people to greet each other on the telephone by saying “ahoy!”

Alexander Graham Bell

14. Think of the technology you own today. We’re living in the future people dreamed of.

technology you own

And if this didn’t make you smile? Scroll through it again. The second (or third) time’s a charm. Spread the good cheer by clicking on the Share button! Don’t let anyone else keep having a bad day.