15 Things You Should Know About Introverts

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Introverts get misunderstood for being shy. The entire world appears to be populated solely by extroverts that makes us look like weirdos for being who we are. While we might not prefer to be around people all the time, it does not imply we are depressed or self-destructive or anything insane like that. There are 15 things you ought to know about us:

1. We hate small talk.

It isn’t that we can’t do small talk, nor we don’t know how to do small talk. We’re simply not good at it. We’re generally big-thinkers. We like concepts and theories. Small talk is boring and uncomfortable. We do not care about the weather condition, what you ate for dinner last night, or how is your cat doing.

2. We are okay being alone.

No, really, we’re okay, even if it means we hole ourselves up at home for a while. We do not require other people for inspiration. We inspire ourselves.

3. We are neither rude nor uptight.

We may appear like that initially, but get acquainted with us. We are actually very fun to be with, we just do not always get accustomed to unfamiliar people and settings so quickly.

4. We swing both ways at times.

We may be introverts, but we can sometimes be the life of a party. We can pull this off when we feel up for it, but we cannot always maintain that sort of energy going. If we give a party, that’s great! But let us have some time to recuperate.

5. We do have friends.

When people hear ‘introvert’ and the nerd sitting alone in the canteen comes to mind. That’s an entire different thing completely. We enjoy having friends, and friends enjoy having us! We put in a lot of effort for people we believe are worth it.

6. We feel safe around the right kind of people.

It is amazing to have the right kind of people in our lives. We would give the best of ourselves to the right kind of people. We glow in the right kind of company. But it often takes some time to discover those people.

7. We prefer to write things out.

Writing is much easier than talking for us, it gets the ideas out of our minds without being disrupted. Want to give us a call? Try texting instead.

8. We are incredibly efficient.

Especially during our alone time, we are able to actually rock and roll on tasks we need to complete. The silence helps, since we are more susceptible to being distracted.

9. If we do not like you, you will not know it.

It’s a matter of fact. We abhor conflict. So although we dislike you, we will still be nice. It is much easier than being genuine with you. Especially when your feelings are not important enough that clashing head-on with you and your bullshit is just a waste of our time. Sorry. Oops, not sorry.

10. We hate networking events.

Really? Isn’t there a list we can unsubscribe? There are only a couple of things more uncomfortable than a party and one of them is a networking event. Other than perhaps a dental networking event that we have been accidentally invited to.

11. We do not like crowds.

Although after a couple of beers, we can endure it. Introverts have the tendency to get juiced up easily, so big crowds are tough to deal with.

12. Sorry, come again? We probably weren’t paying attention to your story.

We care very deeply about our friends, however, people beyond that circle will have a difficult time keeping our attention. It is not that we have ADD or something, we simply do not care about you. On the other hand, we will not judge you, so do not hesitate to tell us all the screwed up things you went through your ex.

13. Do not make a big fuss out of our birthdays.

For a very long time, I had a lot of trouble understanding why I disliked my birthdays so much. Everybody I knew would come and celebrate with me! Then I realized: that is the problem! We do not have to make a big fuss out of birthdays, so please do not do it to us.

14. We do not want to make a big fuss out of your birthday, either.

We can silently honor the yearly birthday, right?

15. If we chose to be your friend, appreciate it.

We prize our alone time immensely. If we do see you frequently, it implies that we truly love you. Just don’t feel dejected if we do not meet up a week at a time sometimes.