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16 Horrifying Medical Treatments From The Past

As the medical field advanced through history, researchers found numerous various methods to treat our disorders. Some stuck, however others, not a lot. Here are a few of the medical devices and treatments that were created throughout the years. They make modern medicine not so frightening anymore…

1. Physicians using plague masks whose beaks were filled with strong smelling compounds like lavender (1600s+)

Physicians plague masks

2. Tanning children to balance out winter season rickets in the Chicago Orphan Asylum (1925)

Tanning children rickets

3. An obstetric design utilized to assist trainees find out about giving birth in an Italian medical school (1700-1800)

An obstetric design

4. Antique birth chair (1800s)

Antique birthing chair

5. Lewis Sayre’s scoliosis treatment (1850-1900)

Sayre’s scoliosis treatment

6. Early surgery utilizing ether as an anesthetic (1855-1860)

surgical procedure anesthetic

7. A field package for a Civil War medic surgeon (1860s)

field kit surgeon

8. Dr. Clark’s Spinal Apparatus ad (1878)

Clark’s Spinal Apparatus

9. A neurological test with electrical gadget (1884)

neurological exam device

10. A shy female and her whole synthetic leg (1890-1900)

full artificial leg

11. A collection of facial prosthetics to conceal injuries (1900s)

facial prosthetics hide

12. Radioactive water (1900s)

Radioactive water

13. Radiology nurse professional in WWI France (1918)

Radiology nurse technician

14. A Walter Reed physiotherapy (1920s)

Walter Reed physiotherapy

15. Wood prosthetic hand (1800)

Wooden prosthetic hand

16. Standard blood transfusion bottle from England (1978)

blood transfusion bottle

The plague masks haunt my dreams. History can be weird, but share it with others.