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16 #Practical Uses for #Lego in Your #Everyday Life

The majority of people normally think about Lego as toys, nevertheless these colorful foundation are a lot more than simply toys. Since 1958, the Danish company has actually developed more than 560 billion parts. As kids, Lego inspired how we saw the world. We might be a designer, city organizer, or creator. Today, individuals have actually discovered unlimited brand-new and intriguing methods to make enjoyable and useful usages of these small bricks, equipments, wheels and other pieces.

1. Fashion Jewelry for 2

Jewelry for 2

2. Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

3. House Design

Home Design

4. Education


5. Actual Walls

Building Actual Walls

6. Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Limbs

7. Key Holder

Key Holder

8. Simple Phone Dock

Simple Phone Dock

9. Advanced Phone Dock

Advanced Phone Dock

10. Computer Case

Computer Case

11. Cuff Links

Cuff Links

12. Lamps


13. Tiny Animal House

Tiny Animal House

14. Furniture


15. Gift Box

Gift Box

16. Toothbrush Holder