168 Reasons To Manage Yourself

You cannot anticipate the future. Everybody believes they can. However, they cannot. So how can you manage yourself better? You might be married for a decade but the next day you are separated and you could not have foreseen that.

You might be healthy and exercise but you might die from cancer next year. You would have lesser stress if you stop trying to anticipate the future. You could always look to raise the odds to your favor. For example, if you do not jump off a bridge, you will be more likely to be still alive one year from now.

However a definite path to misery is believing you can predict and control the future. Hope is not a strategy. If you have to “hope” that you do not get screwed, then you must have done something wrong in the first place.

For example, if you are planning for an outdoors wedding and do not have a backup plan if it rains, you would have most likely mis-planned the event. “Hope” is not a bad thing. But if hoping is the only thing you are depending on, then it suggests that you do not consider all the possibilities of something that is important to you.

Uncertainty is your best friend. All opportunities are created because people are unsure about everything. We are always trying to close the gap between the things we know and the things we do not know. Taking risks versus minimizing risks.

Some people take too many risks while others are too careful and do not take enough risks. The secret is to take bigger risks only when you have better ways to manage those risks. When you have a strategy of minimizing risks, it will be easier to make decisions about everything.

Diversification is the key. You truly want ONE job. However you do not seem to get it. And now you are miserable. How can you get that job? Well… you cannot.

You cannot wish yourself a job. When you raise capital to startup a business, you contact 1,000 people. When you start an Internet business, you start more than a dozen and watch all fail but one.

When you want to get married, you go on a lot of dates. And do not even waste time with dinners. You will know if you are attracted to someone within the first 30 seconds. So just keep it to a tea. Learn to say “No”.

If something is not working out, you need to say “No” and cut your losses. Do not invest more time, energy, and money into it. Just because you have already put in a lot of time and energy (or money) into something, does not mean you have to stick through it.

You need to choose if this is the situation you wish to remain in. Even if you were in the situation for the last 10 years, does not mean the situation is right for you anymore. Health is very important. You must take care of yourself.

If you do not sleep enough, do not eat well, do not exercise, you will lose your health and all your money. It does not matter if your day is good or bad. Good and bad days happen.

Life is about all the little moments that add up to everything around you. If you allow one of those moments to have too much control over you then you are liable to be miserable. When you are miserable, you stop being good at anything.

You have 168 reasons to manage yourself. 168 reasons may seem like a daunting list. But it is much easier than that. There are 168 hours a week. Now, do you know how you are spending those 168 hours weekly? If you do not, you will find it hard to make the necessary changes to your schedule that will make the difference between mediocre and exceptional.

Start taking inventory on your time. How much do you sleep? Groom yourself? Travel? Eat? Play? Do chores? Work? Exercise? Socialize? Keep adding to your list for a week then add up your totals. You may be surprised at what you find.

It is critical to your success and fulfillment that you take your time very seriously. Time is really the one commodity in life you cannot negotiate for very much. You can regain your health, your wealth, often even a lost love, but you cannot recover a single second.

How many times have you wanted to really get your life in gear but said you did not have the time? Now you will know if you really do or not. If you have hours being wasted on things that do not serve your goals, can you blame anyone but yourself if you do not accomplish them?

Honor yourself by learning to honor your time. You will be glad you did!

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