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17 People Had Some Hilarious Things To Say After Getting Fired

Getting fired is rough, there’s no easy way to put it, especially in today’s economy. Websites like Whisper and Reddit have become the places where people can go to vent their frustrations about such a situation. The anonymous social sharing of these sites is ideal for confessions, rants, and raves. Which is exactly what these 17 people did after they all got fired. Both reasons hilarious and not so hilarious. The important thing though, is that they’re keeping focused on the bright side.

1. At least the game was good, maybe?

game was good

2. Ouch, that’s a low blow.

a low blow

3. At least the poop wasn’t on fire.

poop on fire

4. Talk about a close call.

a close call

5. I would not have wanted to be in that meeting.

be in meeting

6. Wow. That’s just ridiculous.

That's just ridiculous

7. There are some things you just can’t rush.

just can't rush

8. That’s deceptive.

That's deceptive

9. That’s just mean.

That's just mean

10. Looking on the bright side.

the bright side

11. This person must have really messed up.

really messed up

12. Probably a bad idea.

a bad idea

13. It’s a requirement apparently.

It's a requirement

14. They will probably never notice.

probably never notice

15. Not a care in the world.

Not a care

16. College doesn’t teach you everything.

College teach everything

17. This person definitely deserved it.

definitely deserved it

Hopefully they all find new jobs real soon. Also: never fart during a big meeting. There could be disastrous results. Don’t forget to share this story and leave a comment below: