20 #Embarrassing #Baby Pictures That Are So Cute And So Incredibly #Awkward

Being a baby is full of humiliation. You can’t talk, you can’t walk, and you can’t go to the bathroom anywhere but your own underpants. If that wasn’t bad enough, your parents seemingly go out of their way to make you look ridiculous. (Seriously, bonnets? Naked photos?) It’s like they’re worried their bald, chubby, child’s coolness level might overshadow their own. It’s insane and there’s nothing you, as a baby, can do about it. I’ll bet these little ones wish they could though, and with good reason!

1. “Who are these people?”

Who are these

2. “Seriously, I didn’t come from them, right?”

Seriously I didn't

3. She looks like, um, one of the Coneheads. A really racist one at that.

She looks like

4. Right after future he traveled through time to let him know how embarrassing this picture will be in junior high.

Right after future

5. Having a family requires sacrifice.

Having a family

6. “Look natural.”

Look natural

7. Where’s the kids makeup? How embarrassing.

Where's the kids

8. “Take the picture, buddy. Chop chop.”

Take the picture

9. At least this dad is willing to share some of the embarrassment.

At least dad

10. “Wait – this isn’t the beach.”

this isn't beach

11. You’re gonna need a bigger wagon.

need bigger wagon

12. “What is this alien technology?”

What is this

13. Lucky for the photographer, you can’t see a thought bubble.

Lucky for photographer

14. “Not bad.”

Not bad

15. “It’s a living.”

It's a living

16. “Really? You’re going to use that filter?”

use that filter

17. Cheers!


18. I hope he didn’t drive home that night.

hope he didn't

19. They start ’em young over at Chippendale’s.

They start young

20. His parents must be foodies.

parents be foodies

Don’t worry, awkward babies, it gets better… Well, actually, it doesn’t – but you get used to it. Share this post with your friends.