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21 DIY Lifehacks Are Getting WAY Out Of Control

“Lifehacking” is defined as a technique that enhances efficiency. Individuals all over the Internet have actually ended up being OBSESSED with them in the recent couple of years, resulting in some really remarkable techniques that we can all take advantage of. In some cases, they can be exceptionally practical. However, as more individuals attempt to be creative with unique and brand-new “hacks”, we are beginning to come to the point of useless innovations.

1. There is a line, and you are too far to see it.

line too far

2. Even MacGyver would not do this…

Even Macgyver wouldn't

3. Remarkably silly.

Brilliantly stupid

4. The fact in this depresses me…

makes me sad

5. Hillbilly Grandma, eat your heart out.

eat your heart

6. You are a joke target.

you're a joke

7. Steve Jobs must love this hack.

love this hack

8. You would think this is cool, but a homeless slept in this thing.

think is cool

9. Natural selection designed this hack.

design to weed

10. Or you can simply buy a brand-new shower head for $5…

new shower head

11. This is how to blow up your microwave.

his microwave exploded

12. Because it takes longer time to fold shirts than putting it away…

takes longer time

13. Welcome to the First Annual Walmart Car Show.

1st Annual Walmart

14. A bottle of Sprite costs $1.50 versus a bottle of San Pellegrino at $4. Somebody is really good at mathematics…

good at math

15. Another hillbilly hack.

Another hillbilly hack

16. Learn to use or use a fork – it is not difficult.

learn to use

17. Because a hard drive cannot work properly when it lacks calcium.

facing calcium deficiency

18. You must be joking.

must be joking

19. Do not ever admit to owning a bagel tote.

Never admit owning

20. No Sir, my light is not out.

light isn't out

21. It took more time to draw than driving to Walmart to buy one.

took more time

Hacking gone a little bit too far? It’s time to de-hack our world! Share these with your friends.