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24 Brilliant #Photos That Were #Accidentally #Timed So Perfectly

Capturing the best image can provide anybody excellent complete satisfaction. (Then once again, it’s practically much better when that ideal image occurs by total and utter mishap.) These 24 pictures were inadvertently timed so perfectly they actually could not be any better. Even if somebody attempted, they would not have the ability to make these images more ideal than they are currently.

1. Stay? Sit? Fetch? Run on water? This canine can do everything!

canine do everything

2. Thank you God for all of my fishes. And my cute face.

I thank you

3. Are the ladies still looking???

girls still looking

4. I’m open man! I’M OPEN!

I'Mm open man

5. Sheesh, he thinks he’s so cool just because he can blow smoke rings…

blow smoke rings

6. Surf’s up!

Surf's up

7. 3 heads are better than 1!

three heads better

8. SHHHH. This is a LIBRARY!


9. You scuba dive too? High 5!

you scuba dive

10. Vroom, vroom!

vroom vroom

11. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s totally a bird.

totally a bird

12. Pleasure meeting you, I’m Moby.

Pleasure meeting you


food food food

14. I think I’m paranoid, guys, I think I’m being followed…

I'm being followed

15. Open wide!

Open wide!

16. World’s smallest helicopter or world’s biggest ant?

World's biggest ant

17. Oh, hi there, I think the hot dog you’re holding belongs to me.

hot dog mine

18. Tigers are not almost as scary when wet.

not nearly menacing

19. Bubbles: a dog’s best friend.

dog's best friend

20. Something wicked is coming this way…

Something wicked comes

21. I have to go, my people need me!

I must go

22. Naptime. It’s happening.

Naptime it's happening

23. Hello ladies.

HELLO ladies

24. They put WHAT in this?!

They put WHAT

Life has plenty of amusing mishaps and coincidences… and they are made much better when they are captured on camera. These are amazing, and ought to be shown to pals. Show these perfectly timed photos to others.