25 #Genius Kids That Gave #Brilliant Answers On Their #Tests

Kids say the darnest things. Our little geniuses, whether they are preschoolers or teenagers, are smarter and more creative than most adults. Do not be shocked if you ever find how awesomely amusing some kids are. Not convinced? Here are 25 incredible examples:

1. Easy, stylish and humorous.

stylish and humorous

2. Fair point.

Fair point

3. Well, he is not wrong.

he's not wrong

4. Now, THAT’S how you math.

Now THAT'S how you math

5. Touche.


6. A+


7. That teacher is heartless.

That teacher is heartless

8. I like the name “Tedison”.

I love the name Tedison

9. Well, that is quite cynical.


10. LOL.


11. Close, kid, close.


12. This is simply brilliant.

This is just brilliant

13. You need to appreciate his honesty.

You have to respect his honesty



15. It isn’t like this was totally wrong.

not like this was completely wrong

16. Fair enough.

fair enough

17. Poor little cells.

Poor lil cells

18. I definitely do not know it!

I certainly don't know it

19. This kid is wise.

That kid is wise

20. It’s a good shot.

It was a good try

21. So true.


22. This is one of the most impressive win ever.

This is the most epic win ever

23. It is possible, right?


24. Poor Warren.

Poor Warren

25. A for effort!

A for effort

Frankly, the majority of these kids were way more creative than the majority of people I deal with. Share their awesomeness by sharing this short article.