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26 #Photos Prove That #Good Things Come In #Small Packages

These 27 small things show that fantastic things can be found in little plans. A minimum of that’s exactly what their developers would have us think. However, we cannot fathom exactly what we would require a hamburger the size of a cent for. Perhaps you can let us know, we are just too hungry to comprehend…

1. Searching for a desk lamp for ants?

lamp for ants

2. Hamburgers, beers, and grilled cheese. This is a treat?

This is a snack

3. Here is a record and record player that we still do not know ways to utilize.

a record we don't know how to use
a record player we still don't know how to use

4. What can a knife like this do?!

What good is a knife like this

5. How in the world do you fire it?

how do you fire it

6. Aquariums. With fish. LOL.

Aquarium With fish

7. Determining glasses for the tiniest martinis ever?

Measuring glasses for the smallest martinis ever

8. I have no idea why, however, these samurai swords are the very best.

swords are the best
samurai swords are the best
these samurai swords are the best

9. Ditch digging is going take some time for this person.

Ditch digging is going take awhile

10. This lady attempted to grow lemons in the North. Fail.

lemons in the North

11. My genie could fit in.

Teapot for a doll house

12. What flowers could I put in these vases?!


13. What would happen when this bonsai tree outgrows pot?

What happens when this bonsai tree outgrows this

14. HAHAHA. This is amusing.

This is funny

15. Typewriters are for typing, not decor.

Typewriters are for typing

16. Now can I run with scissors, Mommy?

Now can I run with scissors

17. Stop. That is not a bike!

That's not a bicycle

18. Drill baby, drill.

Drill baby

19. Sushi is currently tiny enough…

Sushi is already small enough

20. In some way this brand-new computer system still costs more than my old MacBook.

Somehow this new computer still costs more than my year old PC

21. Since that’s exactly what we searching for, smaller sized print books.

Since that's exactly what we searching for
smaller sized print books

22. Knitted hat. Who is going to wear this?!

Knitted hat

23. Ice-cream cones…

Ice-cream cones

24. Do not overdo it, you still need to drive home, friend.

you still have to drive home

25. Hello there Teddy!

Hi Teddy

26. And now we are even hungrier.

And now we're even hungrier

Exactly what do you believe? Did these individuals make the coolest 26 things ever? Believe those are absurd? Show others…