26 #Reasons Why #Parents Should Never #Text

Do you remember the day when your parents first got on Facebook and befriended you? That horrible day when the secret world of the cool kids was forever destroyed by grandma poking you? Well I do, and it’s only getting worse. Because now that parents are texting too, all hell is breaking loose on my phone!

1. They don’t understand humor.

don't understand humor

2. They never ask questions the right way.

never ask right

3. Haha.


4. They leave written evidence of their “schemes”.

written evidence schemes

5. So many dad jokes.

many dad jokes

6. Please stop learning abbreviations.

stop learning abbreviations

7. They’re jerks.

They're jerks

8. Autocorrect is a real problem that they’ll never understand.

Autocorrect real problem

9. Again… jerks.

Again jerks

10. More dad jokes… I just thought of 10 more!

More dad jokes

11. They take texting waaaay too seriously.

texting too seriously

12. Here’s one of the dad jokes!

one dad joke

13. They have yet another tool to make you feel like crap.

tool feel crap

14. They have no idea what’s appropriate texting hours. Especially for super weird thoughts!

appropriate texting hours

15. Umm… thanks?

Umm thanks

16. LOL


17. Creepy…


18. Why does this always happen?

this always happen

19. Who else would it be??

Who would be

20. They think they need “away messages” for texting.

need away messages

21. They learn new ways to prank you.

learn new prank

22. Too easy.

Too easy

23. Seriously, too easy.

Seriously, too easy

24. OMG stop.

OMG stop

25. They’re way too easy.

way too easy

26. Sigh.


I never wanted my parents to move into the digital age. But now we’re stuck with them FOREVER. At least I’ve got a bunch more years of hilarity coming down our way before some new technology comes along and makes me the butt of the joke!