27 People Who Really Know What It Feels Like To Be Blessed

Every person in the world knows what it’s like to just miss the mark. Maybe you got to McDonald’s at 10:35 AM so you can’t get breakfast. Or maybe your DVR cuts off the last few minutes of your favorite reality TV show. Close calls can make anyone’s blood boil when they leave you out in the cold. Like most things in life, though, close calls can be a two-sided coin. These examples prove that sometimes it’s better, and even life-saving, to just barely miss something.

1. This hole in one.

hole in one

2. This semi that wanted to say hey.

semi say hey

3. This shark trying to photobomb tourists.

shark photobomb tourists

4. This baseball player who forgot what direction the ball is supposed to go.

baseball player forgot

5. This pedestrian who’s never been happier to see a light pole.

a light pole

6. This tripped up train observer.

tripped up observer

7. This train enthusiast with little common sense.

little common sense

8. This guy who may or may not have pissed off the person in charge of signs.

person in charge

9. This minor crash that could have made conditions even icier.

conditions even icier

10. This disappointed sea creature.

disappointed sea creature

11. These skippers who skimmed each other.

skimmed each other

12. This lucky guy who will make his delivery on time.

delivery on time

13. This woman sheltered by more than her umbrella.

more than umbrella

14. These implosion observers who thought they were totally far enough away.

observers far enough

15. The driver who took things too close to the edge.

took too close

16. This ski fan who picked the wrong time to leave the slopes.

the wrong time

17. This trio of friends who might consider jay walking next time.

trio of friends

18. … until they see what happened with this impatient jay walking woman.

impatient jay walking

19. This nearly flattened beach bum.

flattened beach bum

20. This wipe out that almost got a little too gnarly.

wipe got gnarly

21. This guy who doesn’t seem to understand how ice works.

how ice works

22. This tidy woman.

This tidy woman

23. This guy who almost became the second emergency of the day.

almost became emergency

24. This snow mobile that just learned the difference between 2- and 4-way stops.

snow mobile learned

25. This guy wearing his lucky red shirt.

wearing lucky shirt

26. This car that clearly has an invisible bubble around it.

an invisible bubble

27. This bit of arboreal luck.

bit of luck

This must be what it’s like to be that one character who survives the Final Destination movies. Share all the crazy close calls with your friends and leave your comment below: