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29 Business Cards So Brilliant You Can’t Help But Keep Them

How many name cards have you collected and brought to mind after talking to somebody you’ve just met? probably you would have tossed away or kept most of the name cards you were given without thinking too much. It would be difficult to do that with these 29 name cards.

1. Cheese grater for a gourmet.

Cheese grater for

for a gourmet

2. Mini plungers for a plumber.

Mini plungers plumber

3. LEGO corporate representatives.

LEGO corporate representatives

LEGO for business

4. These uncommon wine Sommelière cards.

These uncommon wine

wine Sommelière cards

5. Mini yoga mat for a yoga studio.

mini yoga mat

6. Seeds for a landscaping business.

landscaping business card

7. A hollow frame card for a framing business.

empty picture frame

8. A yoga trainer who encourages you to stretch.

A yoga trainer

9. This adorable seed packet.

This adorable seed

packet business card

10. A transparent card.

A stylish transparent

transparent business card

11. A card… made out of makeup.

A card made

out of makeup

12. A dentist’s cavity card.

dentist's cavity card

13. Toy chair card.

Adorable toy chair

chair business card

14. Grillable (but not edible) card.

Grillable not edible

Grillable business card

but not edible

15. Tool card for a bike repair shop.

bike repair shop

useful business card

16. A hairstylist who lets you style yourself.

A hairstylist's card

card that you

can style yourself

17. Circumcisions card.

card for circumcisions

18. Small music box card.

small music box

19. Cargo box card.

cargo box card

20. Dried meat, edible card… for a survival training.

a survival training

21. Tennis card (that gives table tennis a new meaning).

a new meaning

22. Viewfinder card.

photographer's viewfinder card

23. Saltshaker card.

a saltshaker card

24. Roll up filter card.

card that will

roll up into

kind of filter

25. Tearable card for a personal trainer.

a personal trainer

26. Resistance band card for another personal trainer.

a resistance band

27. Bendy straw for a yoga center.

center's bendy straw

28. An investment firm’s trendy (or trending) card.

investment firm's trendy

or trending card

29. Tearable card for a divorce lawyer.

A divorce lawyer

tearable business card

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