29 Foreign Signs That Spectacularly Failed At English

The English language is notoriously difficult to learn for foreigners. It’s not hard to understand why, though. English contains many confusing rules and even exceptions to those rules. (In fact, it seems the English language threw any rule book that there might have been out the window completely.) So, when other countries attempt to use English sub-titles in advertisements and signs? The outcome is usually hilarious. This is called “Engrish,” and it’s awesome. LOL.

1. Feel shame if you sit down. FEEL SHAME.

Feel shame sit

2. Mmm. Love me some sweet camel.

Love sweet camel

3. Poor birdies.

Poor birdies

4. Technically, no, but A+ for effort.

A+ for effort

5. … thanks?


6. Oh man, don’t get in this telephone’s way.

in telephone's way

7. I can see your logic here.

your logic here



9. Crust sells the best cars.

Crust sells best

10. Is this for blind people or by blind people? This is important.

for blind people

11. … I can see why.

can see why

12. Dang, I’ll take the stairs.

take the stairs

13. Slippy WAS the worst Starfox character. Steer clear of him (by doing a barrel roll).

Slippy WAS Starfox

14. Are you sure about that?

Are you sure

15. So, you’re paying to get rid of your children?

get rid children

16. If you’re going to fall, do it right.

do it right

17. Yeah, you tofu person, you.

you tofu person

18. Much better than the slightly rude and ignorant airport.

rude and ignorant

19. The bear, I guess?

bear I guess

20. An excellent reason not to fall in the pond.

An excellent reason

21. This one is worrisome. What could the original translation POSSIBLY be?

This is worrisome

22. You know what? You make sense, sign.

You make sense

23. You can never be too careful.

be too careful

24. Good, I hate privatized Mayhem.

hate privatized Mayhem

25. Even better advice? Don’t do that in public.

Even better advice

26. No, but thanks.

No but thanks

27. Those are the best kind. I hate obnoxiously loud carrots.

Those are best

28. I hate old crap. It’s the worst.

old crap worst

29. No, that’s pretty believable.

that's pretty believable

It’s okay to laugh, because they certainly did their best (and at least English would be their second or third language). It’d be much worse if you found any of these signs in Middle America. Share the laughs with your friends.