31 Surprising #Animal #Facts That Will Put A #Smile On Your Face

Are you fed up with depressing or weird animals facts? You know, the kind that inform you the number of spider eggs you are most likely to consume unwittingly with breakfast? Me too. Animals are amazing, so let’s discuss how amazing they are. Here are 31 happily unexpected animal facts to cheer up your day.

1. When cats head butt you, they are showing trust to make you feel safe.

showing trust safe

2. Dogs sneeze to show other dogs that they are just being playful, not aggressive.

sneeze being playful

3. Research studies have actually revealed that goats have accents. They also look charming in sweatshirts.

goats have accents

4. A group of rabbits is called a “fluffle”.

group of rabbits

5. When flamingoes are hanging out together they are called a “flamboyance”.

flamingoes hanging out

6. Crows are really very clever. They even play tricks on each other simply for entertainment.

Crows are smart

7. Dolphins know, and have names for each other. It definitely makes getting-togethers much easier.

Dolphins have names

8. Groups of fuzzy, adorable pugs are referred to as “grumbles”.

pugs are grumbles

9. Appreciate your local squirrels for all those brand-new trees. Numerous trees grow each year since squirrels forget where they buried their nuts.

Thank your squirrels

10. Elephant shrews are really closely associated to elephants.

related to elephants

11. A newborn baby panda weighs lighter than a cup of tea.

cup of tea

12. Oysters alter their sex simply depending upon which is more useful for mating.

Oysters change sex

13. Dogs’ nose prints are like humans’ finger prints – no 2 are precisely alike.

dog Nose prints

14. The chow is the dog that has no pink tongue.

without pink tongue

15. Bats do not walk because their leg bones are too thin.

bats don't walk

16. Killer whales are really a type of dolphin.

whales are dolphin

17. Fireflies are entirely safe. They do not even carry diseases.

Fireflies are harmless

18. Female turtles hiss and male turtles grunt, that is how you can differentiate their genders.

Male turtles grunt

19. A tuna can swim as much as 40 miles in 1 day.

tuna can swim

20. Goat’s milk has more calcium than cow’s milk.

has more calcium

21. Polar bears release no noticeable heat.

no detectable heat

22. Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, and red ear lobes lay brown eggs. Strange.

Chickens lay eggs

23. A federally accredited search and rescue dog costs $10,000 to train.

search and rescue dog

24. America has the most dogs. France has the 2nd most.

the most dogs

25. Bulls are color-blind, they cannot see the color red.

Bulls are colorblind

26. Frogs absorb water through their skin.

Frogs absorb water

27. Rather than greying, giraffes’ fur grows darker as they grow older.

giraffes fur darkens

28. A champagne cork has a higher probability to kill you than a deadly spider.

A champagne cork

29. An adult bear can run as fast as a horse.

Adults bears run

30. Humming birds are the only birds that can fly in reverse.

Humming birds fly

31. Sea horses are the slowest fish in the sea, swimming at just 0.01 MPH.

Sea horses slowest

Good to know that champagne will most likely kill me rather than a nasty-looking spider in the corner. Spread the knowledge by sharing this post with your buddies.