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32 Tattoo Fails So Tragically Embarrassing That These People Should Never Go Outside Again

Getting a tattoo should be serious business (and not something young, drunk people should do at 2am). You’re permanently altering your body. For life. Forever. In fact, there are many people out there who should probably avoid getting tattoos altogether. Unfortunately, these 32 people made a few very bad decisions and ended up with some awful misspelled tattoos. The worst part? They have no idea.

1. I have a feeling he got “frunk” when he was drunk.

he got frunk

2. This IS a tragedy.

This IS tragedy

3. No one makes this mistake, though.

makes this mistake

4. … and how you use “your”.

you use your

5. Love doesn’t “concur” anything.

Love doesn't concur

6. The imposs… what?

The imposs what

7. Ugh, that witch is the worst, right?

witch is worst

8. This misspelling lives on.

misspelling lives on

9. “Loose hope” sounds like a medical condition.

a medical condition



11. One day they’ll realize what “itself” is.

they will realize

12. You can’t spell, either.

You can't spell

13. Mmm. Fudge.

Mmm Fudge

14. In their defense, maybe they beat up someone named Hart.

someone named Hart

15. Who is this “Tomarrow” and why doesn’t he ever know?

Who is Tomarrow

16. He didn’t have enough fingers for “you’re”.

didn't have enough

17. And strength.

And strength

18. Except for maybe this.

Except maybe this

19. At first I thought “y’all” was the mistake. Nope.

At first thought

20. A drive-thru, maybe?

A drive thru

21. Be live. Not dead?

live Not dead

22. I’m sure you are.

sure you are



24. Never twos or threes.

twos or threes

25. First, there’s the misspelling. Then there’s that creepy peppermint (?). Hold me.

misspelling creepy peppermint

26. That’s okay, then. English isn’t your native language.

That's okay then

27. He may want to grow out his hair…

grow out hair

28. I assure you, we’re all judging you.

I assure you

29. Umm, huh?

Umm huh

30. I can’t even count the reasons this was a bad idea.

can't even count

31. I life all of the time, what are you talking about?

life all time

32. No, the strongest drug is what you were on when you got this.

the strongest drug

Hopefully these people don’t mind wearing long-sleeved shirts for the rest of their lives. Because… ouch. Lesson of the day: if you’re going to get a tattoo, run it through a spell checker first. Or better yet, don’t get it at all. Leave your comment below: