34 Totally #Awkward #Animals Weren’t Ready For The #Camera

Some individuals are naturally photogenic, comfortable in social circumstances, and do not get nervous over interactions. These animals are not like those individuals. If you have ever made yourself a fool, these uncomfortable animals can be your support group. They are way even worse.

1. Nobody goes to Leo at the zoo.

no one visits Leo at the zoo

2. Cheese?


3. How felines TRULY feel about people.

How cats feel about humans

4. Fish?


5. Balto felt rejected on barbecue night.

Balto felt rejected on barbecue night

6. Ferdinand had never dated.

Ferdinand never had a girlfriend

7. This is the reason why donkeys do not get dates.

donkeys don't get dates

8. Ed was a social pariah prior to being famous.

a social pariah

9. Dog is stunning and uncomfortable.

majestic and awkward

10. Tapirs are always awkward.

the always-awkward

11. Rabbit wasn’t prepared.

NOT ready for his close-up

12. I will steal your garbage tonight.

I'll steal your garbage

13. Tapirs are constantly selected last in physical education.

always picked last in gym class

14. This is my smile.

I AM smiling

15. Camels are cool.

camels were cool

16. I’m so cute.


17. Nobody can pull off a smirk like me.

pull off a smirk

18. Ball!


19. I do not have otter things to do.

otter things to do

20. Orangutan’s lunch.

brag about lunch

21. I’m so cool…

Billy goats are so cool

22. I’m NOT blushing…

I'm blushing

23. Awkward…


24. Being in love can look marvelously unpleasant.

Falling in love can look spectacularly awkward

25. Raindrop!


26. You cannot be serious!

you can't bee serious

27. Seriously?


28. Snowball after seeing the new puppy.

The day Snowball saw the new puppy

29. Moon doesn’t get the hunting. Or the eating.

never got the hang of hunting

30. What was that?


31. Ginger is not cute when sleeping…

Ginger is not

32. Ruining your completely excellent image of Machu Piccu.

ruining picture of Machu Piccu

33. Tongue?


34. This is exactly what occurs when you let the cat out but keep the dog in.

keep the dog in

Oh, the unpleasant animal, recorded in its natural environment. We like you. Stay awkwardly incredible. Share these animal weirdos with others!