#3D #Printed #Fashion Might Just Be The New Way to Shop for Clothes

3D printing is the brand-new frontier when it concerns production. 3D printers can produce everything from electronic parts to developing products. You can simply print them out. The innovation makes all type of products more readily available and permits products to be available to bigger audiences. Usually, 3D printing is connected with hard, plasticky products, however, what if we utilized various materials?

Among the shoes offered at Continuum.

One of the shoes available at Continuum

Another shoe design.

Another shoe design

With that concept in mind, she released Continuum, a web-based clothes and accessories company. Now, Continuum provides 2 designs of shoes, some jewellery and a swimsuit, however they are looking to broaden their stock. And yes, you can swim in the swimwear. If you’re questioning how you can perhaps print a swimwear, have a look at the video.

No 3D printer? That’s fine, too. Continuum likewise provides the choice to print out a pattern and permit users making their own variation of the traditional little black gown, utilizing triangular modules. Users pick the design and make individualized options, enter their measurements and a pattern, customized to their distinct requirements, then printed out. You can develop your very own on the website, and produce a 3D design of a gown.

The modular, customized LBD.

The modular

A printed steel pendant.

A printed steel pendant

The swimsuit is printed in 4 areas, and after that hooked together.

The bikini is printed in four sections

The swimsuit is made from Nylon 12 and can be easily worn.

The bikini can be worn easily

The possibility of printing patterns and clothes is not just a technological leap, it is a method making the frequently special world of style more democratic. Now we’re in the stage of finding that innovation is actually lovely, we reside in a digital world.