48 Crazy Stories Behind The Names Of These Major Companies

The discount rates at Walmart would most likely be simply as pleasing if they had actually stuck to their initial name, however it’s uncertain if they would have ended up being the mega-chain they are today without a little assistance from an upgraded name. Check out the changes big businesses went through before becoming the famous brands we know now.

1. 3M

They began as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, providing corundum to makers of grinding wheels.

2. Volkswagen

Equated from German, the title merely indicates “the people’s car”.

3. Walmart

Creator Sam Walton currently owned Walton’s Five and Dime and desired a brand-new name for the retail chain he was opening across the country.

4. 7 Eleven

7 Eleven
Formerly called U-Tote ‘Em, they altered the name to show their operating hours: 7am to 11pm.

5. Amazon

Altered from Cadabra.com, the business wanted the brand-new name to represent the greater volume of sales they might attain online instead of in a physical book shop.

6. AMC

Their complete name, American Multi-Cinema, references the business’s pioneering of multi-screen movie theaters.

7. Arby’s

As opposed to common belief, the “RB” noise in this name does not represent their popular roast beef. It’s to the Raffel Brothers, who started the business.

8. Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer
The name is extracted from their logo design which illustrates Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metalworking.

9. AT & T

AT & T
That additional ‘T’ goes back to the time when telegraphs were still a thing, the name stands for American Telephone & Telegraph Company.

10. Atari

Much like stating “check” in a video game of chess, the word “atari” is used in the Japanese video game “go” when your challengers pieces are most likely about to be caught.

11. Audi

This is the Latin translation of creator August Horch’s surname as he already had another business with the original name.

12. Bridgestone

Creator Shojiro Ishibashi’s name equates in English as “bridge of stone”.

13. Canon

Called after the very first electronic camera made use of Precision Optical Instrument Laboratory, the “Kwanon”.

14. Coca-Cola

The initial taste consisted of active ingredients of coca leaves and kola nuts.

15. Comcast

This is a portmanteau of “communication” and “broadcast”.

16. ConocoPhillips

Conoco originates from reducing the initial name, Continental Oil Company, which then combined with Phillips Petroleum Company.

17. CVS

The business reduced the name Consumer Value Services in 1996, however, existing CEO Tom Ryan now asserts the letters mean “customer, value, and service”.

18. DR

The very first storage facility for this pharmacy lay in between Duane Street and Reade Street in Manhattan.

19. eBay

The Echo Bay Technology Group reduced the name when the domain “echobay.com” was not available.

20. Garmin

A combined name of creators Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao.

21. Geico

Initially called Government Employees Insurance Company, they reduced it to the lizard-sounding name.

22. Hasbro

Called after the founding brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld.

23. H&R Block

H&R Block
Established by Henry W. and Richard Bloch, the spelling was altered to prevent mispronunciation.

24. IBM

Tom Watson Sr. called the business International Business Machines as a method to beguile his previous company, National Cash Register.

25. Ikea

A mix of the initials of creator Ingvar Kamprad with the initials of his hometown, Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.

26. Intel

This name originates from the very first syllables of “Integrated Electronics” given that the name was being utilized by another business then.

27. Kia

Equated from Hanja, the Korean business’ name indicates “rising from Asia”.

28. Mattel

Extracted from the creators, Harold “Matt’ Matson and Elliot Handler.

29. Nabisco

This is a reduced variation of the initial name, National Biscuit Company.

30. Nike

The shoe business took their name from the Greek goddess of triumph with the renowned “swoosh” symbolizing her flight.

31. Nintendo

This is simply a small variation of the Japanese name, Nintendou, which equates to “entrusted heaven”.

32. Nissan

This is a reduced variation of the initial Japanese name, Nippan Sangyo, which suggests “Japan Industries”.

33. Nokia

Called after the town in Finland where it initially operated as a wood-pulp mill.

34. Pepsi

Extracted from the digestion enzyme, pepsin.

35. QVC

The buying channel’s logo design represents “quality, value, and convenience”.

36. Reebok

Transliterated variation of the word “rhebok,” which is a kind of African antelope.

37. Sega

Initially called Service Games of Japan, the business got its start by importing pin-ball devices to American military bases in Japan.

38. Sharp

Extracted from the business’ very first item: the ever-sharp pencil.

39. Skype

The initial concept originated from “sky-peer-to-peer,” which was altered to “skyper” and ultimately, just Skype.

40. Sony

Taken form the Latin word “sonus”, which suggests “sound”, and selected for being simple to state in a great deal of languages.

41. Sprint

Southern Pacific Railroad International Communications was a little bit of a mouthful, so they reduced it to this.

42. Starbucks

This is a homage to a character from Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’.

43. Taco Bell

Taco Bell
Called after creator Glen Bell and, obviously, their tasty item.

44. Verizon

The telephone company integrates “veritas”, which is Latin for “reality”, and “horizon”.

45. Virgin

Creator Richard Branson called his business this at the idea of a buddy who asserted they were “total virgins at this”.

46. Adidas

Based upon the nickname of creator Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

47. Adobe

Creator John Warnock called the business after Adobe Creek, which ran behind his home.

48. Wendy’s

Creator Dave Thomas called the dining establishment after his child, whose name was in fact Melinda, however went by the name Wendy.

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