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5 #McDonald’s #Crazy #Pies

McDonald’s is infamous for having a few of the craziest components in their foods. Individuals have actually grumbled about it for many years, however the fast food giant keeps trucking along, maintaining their crown as fast food king around the world. Exactly what they have included to their dessert menu is a bit strange, curious, if not revolting. Their pies have some strange fillings now that may be scrumptious, however will make you reconsider that you are putting them in your mouth.

1. Bacon And Potato

Bacon And Potato

Among the more fascinating McDonald’s menu products is the potato and bacon pie, just readily offered specifically in Japan. This distinctly tasty item suspends portions of bacon inside a filling of mashed potatoes, framed in a deep-fried shell.

2. Cheese


In Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico, a check out to a McDonald’s will provide you with the chance to get a cheese pie. The cheese fills a pastry crust with an abundant mix of sweet, velvety cheese.

3. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Pie

Just readily offered in Asia, the sweet potato pie fills a flaky crust with mashed sweet potato. Introduced in Hong Kong in 2010, we are amazed it likewise has not shown up in the Southern markets of the United States.

4. Taro


Sold in Asian markets (it also got a test run in Hawaii) the crust is filled with a concoction similar to chunky mashed potatoes, only it’s filled with the sweet and purple tuber familiar to the Pacific Islands, Taro.

5. Smores


The smores pie was launched in the summertime of 2012, and is the only 1 on this list that can be found in the U.S. and Canada. It is a pairing of chocolate and marshmallow filling, covered in a graham cracker crust.

Looks like dessert has been kicked up a notch. Go get ’em McDonald’s! You have over a billion sold for a reason.