5 Signs Your Date Isn’t Going Too Well

Date Isn't Going
Photo by 5688709 on Pixabay

We all have had bad dates before. If you insist you have not, then you are just in denial and delusional. There are some signs that your date is not going very well:

1. She talking about her ex.

This suggests that she is not yet over her ex. If he really is so awful, why is he always on her mind? That is because deep down, she loves him.

2. She “has to leave early”.

If all you could do is just introduce yourself and only 5 minutes into the date, and she mentions how she needs to leave soon… Every couple of minutes, she checks the time, she is wishing she can speed up time, since she can’t wait for it to be over quickly enough.

3. A lot of silences.

These often happen on first dates. Sometimes it is because of nerves. Other times it is because your date is not interested in anything you have to say. The difference between “I’m nervous” and “I have nothing to say to you” is easy to spot.

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4. She is constantly checking her phone.

She is hoping for any excuse to ditch you. Sometimes girls orchestrate a situation where a friend calls with an “emergency” so they that can leave the date early. Other girls would simply text their friends whom they would rather hang out. If her phone makes lots of cameos on your date, it is over even before it began.

5. She does not ask questions about you.

All she wants to do is just talk about herself. By the end of the date, you know her favorite band, how many times she has seen their concert, who is her favorite member, where her grandparents lived, what countries her grandparents migrated from, who is her best friend, what her best friend does for a living, how much yoga she does, how she thinks yoga is a scam, how she thinks the President is a member of the Illuminati, how she thinks the Illuminati is following her everywhere, how racist her parents are, which are her favorite TV shows, who writes her favorite TV shows, what else the writer of her favorite TV show has done, her dog, and how her dog humps at everyone’s legs. And all she knows about you, is that you are paying the bill for this date.

There you have it. If you see anything like these occur on your date, you are most likely on quite a bad date.