5 Year-Old #Boy #Writes to the #World

Toby is a 5 year-old boy unlike any other. He was inspired to learn more about the world, but instead of getting a book from the library, he got out his pen and paper. Then, he proceeded to write over 200 letters. You’ll be so moved by his dedication.

Toby’s passion for writing letters is absolutely astounding. He has written 246 letters to 187 different countries.

passion for writing

Toby’s contact in Afghanistan: International School of Kabul

contact in Afghanistan

School of Kabul

Toby’s contacts in Brazil: Filipe, Ana

contacts in Brazil



Toby’s contact in Cameroon: The American School of Yaoundé

contact in Cameroon

School of Yaoundé

Toby’s contact in Germany: his mummy


his mummy

Germany his mummy

contact his mummy

contact Germany mummy

Toby’s contact in Ghana: Cassandra

contact in Ghana

Toby’s contact in Kuwait: Sue, Sandy

contact in Kuwait



Toby’s contact in Mexico: Silvia

contact in Mexico

Toby’s contact in Mozambique: Dr Koen Vanormelingen

contact in Mozambique

Toby’s contact in North Korea: Thomas Schäfer

contact North Korea

Thomas Schäfer

Toby’s contact in Samoa: Harlan

contact in Samoa


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