6 Problems In Building Your Self Esteem

Building Self Esteem
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

How do you remain calm, composed, and preserve self esteem in a difficult situation? Anyone and anything may pull you down at one point or another and wreck your self esteem in ways you will not even realize. Do not let them get the best of you.

1. Negative work environment.

Everybody is fighting just to get ahead. This is where unappreciative individuals thrive. Nobody will appreciate your contributions even if you miss your meals and stay up late. You work excessively without help offered from those involved. Avoid doing this or it will hurt your self esteem. Competition is everywhere. Be healthy enough to compete, but in a healthy competition that is.

2. Other people’s behavior.

Gossipmongers, backstabbers, whiners, controllers, complainers, naggers, patronizers etc. These types of individuals will rub off bad vibes on your self esteem, as well as to your self improvement progress.

3. Changing environment.

Change challenges our paradigms. It tests our flexibility, adaptability and alters the way we think. Change will make life difficult for awhile, it may cause stress but it will help us find ways to improve ourselves. Change will always be there, we must be susceptible to it.

4. Past experiences.

It is okay to cry and say “Ouch!” when we experience pain. However, do not let pain become fear. Treat each mistake and failure as a lesson.

5. Negative world view.

Do not get caught up with all the negativities of the world. In building self esteem, we must learn how to make the best out of worst situations.

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6. Determination theory.

It is said that you are who you are of your inherited traits (genetics) and your upbringing (environmental). You have your own identity. If your father is a failure, it does not mean you are a failure too. Learn from other people’s experience so you do not have to repeat their same mistakes.

You may wonder if some people are born positive thinkers. NO. Being positive, and staying positive, is a choice, not a talent.

Sometimes, it is difficult to stay strong especially when people and things around you keep pulling you down. Life gives us many options. Along the battle in life’s journey, we sometimes get hit and bruised.

Building self esteem will ultimately lead to self improvement if we start to become responsible for who we are, what we have, and what we do. The three changes that must come from within voluntarily are our attitude, our behavior, and our way of thinking. When we develop self esteem, we take control of our mission, our values, and our discipline.

Be positive. Be contented. Be happy. Be appreciative. Never miss an opportunity to compliment. A positive way of living will help you build your self esteem.