8 Steps To Irresistible Sales Email Copy

Sales Email Copy
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Your sales email copy is the way you communicate the story of what you are offering. The design is the way you arrange that story to make it simple for your readers to comprehend. It is a direct impression of how your readers will see the worth of your offer.

However, that is another story.

Who are you talking to? Prior to writing your sales email copy, you have to identify who your target audience is. Knowing is the main secret to achieve success from email marketing.

What do your readers desire? What annoys your readers most? Who else is offering something same as yours?

Why should your readers trust you rather than somebody else? What sort of appeals do your readers respond to? Their eyes have it.

It is a fact that huge blocks of texts are daunting.

And will send people running for the hills. Or at least to hit the “Delete” button. Break up your paragraphs.

Into blocks of two to four sentences. Use subtitles throughout the email copy. Bullet points are great attention grabbers.

Use them whenever appropriate. Do no forget an awesome title. Recipients have to open an email before it can generate results.

What can you do to pique their interest and attract their attention?

Your title is the secret. There are four kinds of formulas you can adopt to craft your email copy. Benefit, curiosity, news angle, and instant satisfaction.

Each one has a distinct emotional allure that will work on your readers. What will they benefit? List every imaginable benefit your offer has.

No idea what is the difference between a feature and a benefit? A feature describes the offer. While a benefit describes the results of using the offer.

Feature appeals to logic.

Logic rationalizes emotion. Emotion impulses sales. What can your offer do for your readers?

Then start to compose your email copy detailing what your readers will benefit. Let them know how much better their lives will be. And how much better they will feel after they purchase from you.

Appeal to their emotions. Buying decisions are driven by emotions. And later on backed up by logic.

Identify what is the emotions you need to appeal to nudge your readers.

Some emotions you can use are greed, curiosity, ego, vanity, fear, hope, security, and scarcity. Be a name that they can trust. How do you convince your readers that your offer is reliable and that you will deliver as promised?

Include testimonials. Provide endorsements from authoritative figures in your market. Make your offer credible.

And your guarantees genuine. These days, selling without some kind of guarantee is a lost proposition. You have got to have one.

The more powerful your guarantee, the better the response.

Even though most people do not ask for a refund. They will trust your offer knowing that you guarantee it. You can offer a thirty-day, sixty-day, or even ninety-day money-back guarantee.

Okay, here is a kicker: the longer the guarantee, the lesser refunds you will get! It is natural for people to put things off. Therefore the more time a person thinks he has to get the refund.

The longer he will procrastinate or forget altogether. Do not forget to ask. This always happens.

Someone made a wonderful sales email copy presentation.

But did not close the deal. Since he did not ask for the order. Or made the purchase process confusing.

You have to ask for the order at least three times to close a sale. Offer a variety of ways for your readers to order. People love choices.

If you offer only one way to order, describe clearly how to do it. And make it easy to do it. Explain in details and ask for the order.

Then ask again.

Copy and design are important to sell your offer. And they are dependent on each other. Good copy with bad design, or bad copy with good design simply will not work if you wish to have an offer that compels your readers to take action.