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9 Internet Legends That Creep Out Thousands of People

The Internet is full of crazy rumors and myths. You can spend days and days going deeper into Internet folklore, until you’re finally unsure what to believe. These Internet legends have been built up and spread by thousands of people and have even infiltrated our culture at large. Creepypastas, as these myths are called, cover a wide range of subjects and new and creepier ones are being discovered and spread everyday. Here are a 9 creepypastas that aren’t easy to just shake off.

1. Smile Dog

Smile Dog
This creepypasta involves a photo of a dog that apparently makes anyone who sees it go insane unless they spread it. Think twice before looking at a photo someone sends you of their “smiling dog”.

2. Blue’s Clues: Where’s Blue?

Blue's Clues Where
Imagine finding a DVD of a Blue Clue’s episode in the street, and the episode is about Steve not being able to find Blue, and you slowly discover something horrible has happened to Blue. Word of warning: stay away from DVDs that say “DON’T WATCH” on the disc.

3. Abandoned by Disney

Abandoned by Disney
This creepypasta is about a guy going to a resort which was abandoned by Disney and became a ghost town. Imagine how creepy it is to walk around an empty theme part and then kick it up a couple notches.

4. Skinwalker

This is a legend of a strange creature which takes delight in dismembering animals in the woods, and leaves traces behind for a father and son to track and set their eyes upon it’s terrifying form.

5. Squidward’s Suicide

Squidward's Suicide
Another childhood memory turned into a nightmare: a viewing of a new episode of Spongebob turns into a horrific event, with frames depicting scenes of gore and Squidward’s mental collapse taking terrified animators and interns by surprise.

6. Username: 666

An internet rumor about an accursed youtube username that if searched for will wreak havoc on the searcher.

7. BEN Drowned

BEN Drowned
A creepypasta about a cursed game cartridge, haunted by the presence of a child name Ben, whose life ended in a tragic and terrible way. As one plays the game, Ben begins to make his presence clear.

8. Wake Up

Wake Up
Apparently, when you’re is under traumatic circumstances, you may enter a dream-world of sorts, and the only way to know whether you’re in this dream-world is if you find a note that says “wake up.” Take a look around your room, maybe there’s a note waiting for you.

9. The Slender Man

The Slender Man
A very popular internet legend, The Slender Man has evidently been spotted in photographs all over the internet. No one’s sure who he is or what his purpose is, but one thing is for sure: you definitely don’t want to run into him.

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