9 Truths Why You Are Unhappy

Because many people are unhappy that is why there are so many self-improvement materials out there on ways to be better, happier, and more successful. But most are useless and all cost money. For the benefit of creating more happy people in this world, we have compiled list. Be warned though, this list contains a heavy dosage of truth. Those who are allergic to truth should stop reading now.

You are lousy at prioritizing important things. There are just 24 hours in one day. No more. So you just have a specific quantity of time to get things done. Why do you hold off till the last minute to do your things every time?

A deadline is an anchored time frame. It is not going to go away. So why are you behaving as if you have all the time in the world to get something done? And because you are lousy at prioritizing, you complain do not have enough time.

You had lots of time, but you chose to spend it clowning around like a kid during play time. So now you are stressed and unhappy. And you still need to finish your work. Perhaps you should learn something here. You are what you eat and you eat like crap.

The old saying that you are what you eat is still around today because it is true. If you eat badly, guess how you are going to feel. Try to eat something healthy, you will feel better and more focused.

Exercise. Just do it. We need to exercise in order for our bodies to function properly. A simple jog should do the trick. You do not need another drink. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking in moderation.

Drinking is incredibly social and an excellent method to relax. But it should stop the moment you start to drink yourself stupid. Go home. Get sober. And be fresh the next day. Sleep late and forever be tired. It is true.

When you sleep late on the weekends, it throws off your entire internal clock. It makes you feel extra awful when you need to shift back to your regular routine on Monday. Could this be the reason for your persistent fatigue?

Do not go to sleep drunk or under the influence of any drug for that matter. Doing so is a surefire method to mess up your sleep cycle. That will leave you feeling awful when you wake up. Your friends are losers. You do not want to spend time with people who take away from or add nothing to your life.

We are the sum of the people we spend the most time with. If you are hanging out with losers, guess what you become? Healthy relationships? Who needs those? You do. If all of your relationships crash and burn, then maybe the problem is not that “crazy” guy or girl.

The problem is you. It might be time to do some self-reflection. Networking can be a great. Following up is important. It is crucial to understand however, that if you are not following up and making an effort to stay in touch with people, then your time spent on networking is wasted.

You may think you are being annoying, but busy people actually appreciate it. You hate your job. If you are unhappy then what the hell are you doing? Or perhaps you do like it just a little bit. But is it what you want to do for the rest of your life?

You only have one life, why are you wasting yours doing something you are not passionate about? You are waiting for the right time to follow your dream. There is never a “right” time. It will never feel “right”.

Just do it. The more time you waste, the less time you have to live the life of your dreams. Take time to clear your mind. Your brain needs breaks in order to make the best decisions. It could be meditation or taking a stroll.

Simply something that you can let your brain do absolutely nothing for a little while. You will be surprised how much better you feel afterwards. You are good enough. Let us move on. You can achieve anything you want.

There will always be things that we do not like about ourselves. Pick the ones you can change and work on them. Accept the ones you cannot change and move on. Do not get caught up in the self-sabotaging cycle of telling yourself that you are not good enough.

It does not end well because it does not end. Stop lying to yourself. If you keep lying to yourself, it is going to be more difficult to eventually face the truth. Your lies will just make you more bitter and hinder you from achieving your goals.

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