9 Ways To Make Your Emails Opened And Read

Emails Opened Read
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You have experienced it before. You followed all the professional recommendations there are to the letter. You typed up an epic email for your list. You went on and hit “send”.

The following day, you got all excited to extract your email statistics.

And then you were disappointed it was nothing near what you had anticipated. Your open rates are a far cry from the industry “standard” of 20%. You are starting to doubt if your subscribers are actually receiving all that juicy stuff you sent to them.

It does not need to be so darn difficult. There are billions of email accounts in the world yet it’s so simple to see your hardwork go down the drain. Discouraging, right?

Send to provide value. Have you ever gotten an email asking you to purchase something? And if that keeps happening a few times consecutively, you unsubscribe.

Do not let that become of your list.

Provide unobliged valuable content initially. Then request for a sale later on. Make yourself helpful.

Use your actual name. Email marketing is absolutely nothing without a relationship with your subscribers. So how do you develop a relationship when they don’t even know your name?

You are talking to your subscribers through emails. It is a personal channel and you ought to keep it rightly so. Would you rather receive an email from a “company” or a friend?

When you send out emails from your real name.

Your subscribers will start to expect you in their inbox. And that’s a lot more personal than “Epic Newsletter #18”, don’t you think? Use a real, reachable email address.

Think exactly what occurs when you email from “[email protected]”? Nobody replies. As an email list owner, you would rather wish the opposite.

You want to be engaging and helpful to your subscribers. A basic one-line reply to a subscriber’s email may mean a lot. And it won’t take up too much of your time.

That way, your subscriber will start trusting and counting on you.

Also, using a no-reply email address is not only rude, but likewise illegal in some countries. So why do it? Be ethical.

It is not okay to include a person into your list if he merely handed you his business card or sent you an inquiry email. Not everybody who comes into contact with you wants to be on your list. Odds are that this individual will discover your little gimmick when he receives your newsletter the first time.

Be respectful of other people’s privacy. However, it’s okay to ask, “Thanks for the card. I run a weekly newsletter. Would you like me to send you some regular updates to this email?” Most likely, they will agree.

Use hypnotic words.

There’re many hypnotic words that could make your title and content very engaging. Some examples include “secrets”, “proven”, “discover”, “guaranteed”, “unleash”, “you” and so on. Use clear titles.

33% of subscribers open an email based on the title alone. Some list owners attempt to be smart with their titles, however, sometimes smart is confusing. Rather, be direct and plainly state what is within the content.

Write benefit driven titles. People are motivated either by pleasure or pain. Make use of the 2 to push them into action.

The primary step is to determine their discomfort or issue.

Suppose you are targeting foreigners residing in Spain. One problem they are facing is not speaking Spanish. You have a solution within your email series entitled “Speak Spanish in 30 Days”.

You could even go a little further and connect more discomfort for not something about it in order to create urgency. Use a simple design. Unless you know exactly what you are doing and why, keep your design simple.

Yes, that means that sidebar with lots of links? It needs to go. Do not clutter your text.

Send clean, lots of white spaces, text-based emails whenever you can.

Be personal and chummy. Use their given names in addressing them to increase engagement. However, do not overdo it by applying it in every other sentence since that’s just plain weird and really creepy.

Use the power of postscript. Use postscript (P.S.) routinely to push your subscribers to take action. Resist overdoing it with P.P.S and P.P.P.S.

Provide everything or give a teaser. Some list owners like to send out the entire post in an email with hyperlinks at the bottom. While others prefer to send out a teaser to interest subscribers to find out more.

There isn’t a fixed rule.

Do your research and A/B testing. What generates you more engagement and enhances your click-through rates? Stick to the method that works.

Set up incredibly helpful autoresponders. You could also keep tab on where somebody is in your sales pipeline. Maybe you run a photography tips newsletter.

Somebody who has just signed up to your list might expect some light orientation lessons. As compared to a person who has already been on your list for a couple of months. They will want more advanced lessons.

Autoresponders make it easy.

To pair the ideal content to your subscribers, whichever stage they are. Subscribers appreciate getting valuable and relevant content that is helpful in making their lives better.