A #School #Bus Carrying 10 #Kids Flew Off A Bridge

Countless moms and dads trust that their kids will make it through the trip home from school on a bus. For 10 households, however, that idea was seriously taken into concern when a Kansas school bus fell into a flooded river. This story might make any mom or dad ill with worry.

When it crashed and ended up being partly immersed in the river, 10 kids were inside of the bus.

10 children were inside of the bus when it crashed and became partially submerged in the river

They needed to climb up from the roofing system hatch in order to get to safety.

They had to climb out of the roof hatch in order to get to safety

All the kids were 13 years-old or younger.

All of the children were 13 years-old or younger

None of the kids were seriously hurt.

None of the children were seriously injured

They were all returned to their grateful moms and dads by the end of the day.

They were all turned over to their grateful parents by the end of the day

Authorities are checking out why the crash took place.

Authorities are looking into why the crash occurred

The bus drove into an area of the roadway that was still partly covered by water from recent heavy rain.

The bus driver took the vehicle into a section of the road that was still partially covered

The kids endured something really frightening.

The children lived through something very scary

However the good news is they LIVED.

However the good news is they LIVED

This crash might have been worse, however fortunately, all kids went the home to their moms and dads.