An Abandoned Building Is One Thing But What’s In This Old Veterinary School Will Haunt Your Dreams

There is an abandoned veterinary school in Brussels, Belgium, that’s known worldwide for its sheer creepiness factor. The vet school, l’école de médecine vétérinaire, is known as “Horror Labs” because of what is housed inside. It used to be bustling and filled with students, but once the school was officially moved to Liège from Brussels, the 19 buildings stood empty. Empty, that is, if you don’t count the unspeakable horrors stored inside of the old classrooms. What was left behind in the school, although extremely creepy to the layman, was used to educate veterinary school students. The pickled animals or organs may seem like an archaic way to study other life forms, but it was used as a legitimate study tool.

Most of the buildings were converted into apartments, but the main building is still filled with leftover veterinary supplies.

buildings were converted

There are dark rooms stocked with countless pickled animals.

dark rooms stocked

It looks like a horror movie set, but as strange as it seems, all of what’s left in these buildings were used by the students here.

horror movie set

However, over the years the decay of the building and the specimens have given this school a scary vibe. It is a popular place for urban explorers.

a scary vibe

Everyone wants to get a chance to experience the “Horror Labs” for themselves.

the Horror Labs

Open cases and jars display body parts floating in formaldehyde. They were once used to familiarize the students with what to expect during surgical procedures.

display body parts

But what makes visiting the school so terrifying is that to the casual and unknowing observer, this just seems like a house of horrors.

house of horrors

It’s grotesque to see so many pickled animals all at once, no matter what their original use was.

grotesque pickled animals

Because of the poor preservation systems and neglect of the specimens, some of the preserved body
parts can be identified. Others are strange and unrecognizable.

poor preservation systems

One thing that most urban explorers aren’t warned against is the smell.

aren't warned smell

The unventilated basement is full of open bottles of chemicals.

unventilated basement chemicals

The stench of formaldehyde can get so strong, it will feel like your nose is literally being burned.

stench of formaldehyde

Some explorers have to leave because even their skin begins to react to the chemicals.

react to chemicals

Stacks of old slides and books that students used are scattered around.

slides and books

This was obviously a school, but it’s still hard not to get creeped out by the vacant rooms, chemical smells and leftover animal parts.

get creeped out

Cross sections of skulls and organs stare down at you from the walls. It would hard to be in any of these rooms for more than a few minutes in the dark without getting the creeps.

sections of skulls



Some of the animals were preserved so well, they almost seem alive (and would send me running).

animals were preserved

To see random innards sitting around is quite jarring (get it?). People were able to use these as study tools, but I would have been retching every day in class.

innards sitting around

It’s a good thing I don’t want to be a vet.

be a vet

I wouldn’t be able to make it out of this school alive, now or when it was still in use.

make it out

Explorers have been making their way to the Horror Labs for years, and although some of it has been cleaned out since, there are still plenty of pickled waiting inside, waiting to be gawked at. If you’re not good with organs and blood, you should probably avoid exploring this building. Abandoned buildings are creepy enough, but when you fill them with these kinds of specimens and old medical equipment, it gets overwhelmingly scary real quick. This abandoned veterinary school isn’t for the faint of heart. Good luck sleeping tonight. Share the creepiness with others.