Awesome Math Teacher Pranks Class

Some people really hate math in school. But an awesome teacher made math less boring by pulling the best prank on his class with the help of his virtual self. You have to watch the full video at the bottom of this post! Imagine the effort in making the video… Best Teacher Of The Year!

The teacher made a mark he couldn’t get rid off so he enlisted another math teacher online for help.

teacher made mark

The virtual teacher made the mark worse with his saliva.

made mark worse

Using the cat didn’t help either.

cat didn't help

Using cleaner only gets sprayed in his eyes.

sprayed in eyes

Then eureka! Virtual teacher has an idea…

eureka Virtual idea

All geeks wouldn’t pass up any chance to use… a lightsaber!

geeks use lightsaber

Yay! Problem solved. Or so they thought…

Yay Problem solved

… when the screen burst into flames by catching fire from the lightsaber.

burst into flames

Curious how this math teacher got rid of the black mark?

teacher got rid

Watch the full prank below:

If I had such fun teacher I would love math in school! Share this awesome math teacher with your friends and let us know what you think in the comment below: