Create Value To Raise Your Worth

bring in value
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

You complain about not being appreciated by your company, but have you been contributing value to your organization? When a company pays you salary, they expect your value to worth that amount. A company is in business to make money, every dollar spent is an investment to generate more profits.

If an investment makes money, it is an asset; if an investment loses money, it is a liability.

So are you an asset or a liability? If you contribute value less than your salary, you are a liability. You will be ousted very soon if you keep up losing money for your company.

If you contribute value exact worth to your salary, nothing more, nothing less, then you are an asset. But you are a dispensable asset. Sure, you may be promoted over the years to become a manager. But that is all you will ever be.

Laser Focus

By then your salary will be too high for the value you are contributing. Your company can hire someone younger, cheaper, and contribute the same value as you do. You are dispensable. If you contribute value more than your salary, you are an asset, and you are an indispensable asset.

You bring in a lot of value and you grow the company.

You will be appreciated and placed in top management to further grow the company. In times of recession, guess who are let go first? In times of recession, the indispensable assets not only do not get retrenched nor pay cuts, they get pay increments to be retained in the company. So which type of investment do you want to be for your company?