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Don’t Even #Walk #By These 10 #Houses

1. Good enough for me.

Good enough

2. The use of colors really communicates the message.

colors communicate message

3. Run, don’t walk, away.

Run walk away

4. Not worth the risk.

Not worth risk

5. Unnecessary, but I applaud the craftsmanship involved in installing a trap door.

craftsmanship installing door

6. Jeeze, I like my face the way it is. Kinda.

the way it is

7. Time to move to another town.

Time to move

8. Live wires are always a great way to ward off unwanted solicitors.

ward off solicitors

9. That narrows it down quite a bit.

narrows it down

10. This homeowner’s just trying to be real. Gotta respect that. Also, I doubt anyone would be mad answering the door if it was a girl scout cookie delivery.

girl scout cookie