Father Makes A Cool Glowing LED Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume For His Daughter

A light bulb went off over Royce Hutain’s head after pondering creative costume ideas for his daughter Zoey’s Halloween. Actually, to be more precise, it was an LED bulb. He created a stickman LED suit and posted the video of his 2-year-old human flashlight on YouTube to show his friends. It became a hit, and she became Glowy Zoey.

For another year, Royce had to come up with something equally brilliant. It’s safe to say he succeeded. He created this stick figure Minnie Mouse costume for Zoey since the family planned on going to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party.

Check out the incredible costume in the video below.

You can see more of Glowy Zoey and their Disney trip on YouTube, as well as Glowy Zoey’s own website.

Now, somebody tell me if these come in adult size? I want to be that cute.