He Bought His Brother A Normal #Gift But What He Did With It Is #Hilariously #Brilliant

Every year, these 2 siblings participate in a Christmas tradition that really puts ours to shame. When they exchange presents, they choose to make it a bit more difficult. It is not simply about discovering the best present for each other and experiencing the love and happiness of Christmas. Rather, it is about pranks and annoyance (and we love it). They cover their presents with the motive of attempting to hinder the other from opening it. It is simply as funny as it is inspiring.

The present that he was gonna (sadistically) wrap was a belt and an Xbox live gift card.

The gift that he was going to wrap was a belt and an Xbox live gift card

The belt got the plastic tie treatment.

the belt got the plastic tie treatment

He included plenty of duct tape to the gift card.

he added plenty o' duct tape to the gift card

Time for a thick plastic box.

Time for a thick plastic box

Oh, and some fishing line.

and some fishing line

And a padlock? Sure, why not.

And a padlock?

And more duct tape!

And more duct tape!

Now, more fishing line, padlocks and chain! Yes, chain.

more fishing line



Oh, the humanity.

the humanity

Lots of zip ties.

So many zip ties



Best of luck!

Good luck!

It really makes the procedure of opening presents both difficult and gratifying. We believe this is an excellent method to hand out presents (although we would not suggest it).