He Thought He #Found A Normal #Caterpillar But What Happened Was Way More #Awesome Than He Imagined

A student enrolled in an entomology class discovered a large green caterpillar in the fall. Interested in its development, he took it home and cared for it. He wasn’t sure what kind of butterfly or moth it would turn out to be, but he couldn’t wait to find out. … and it turned out to be quite the surprise.

This is what the caterpillar looked like in the fall.


It was a little hard to tell what kind of caterpillar it was…

hard to tell

Soon, she built a silk cocoon and pupated inside.

cocoon and pupated

Then, after much suspense, she crawled out of this tiny cocoon.

crawled out cocoon

And she was a giant luna moth!

giant luna moth

Talk about a surprise!


Luna moths are one of the largest in North America.

largest in North America

Typically, they are more active (and can be seen more easily) at night.

more active at night

It’s hard to believe such a huge, snuggly moth could come out of such a small cocoon.

huge moth come out of small cocoon

The Actias luna, more commonly known as the Luna Moth, is a large lime-green moth that can be found in North America. He knew that his moth was a female because her antennae were a little less bushy than her male counterparts’. The adults will emerge from their cocoons in the morning and they have tiny wings at first (which you can tell by the opening). They have to grow by pumping bodily fluids through them. These giant, beautiful moths only live to be about one week old. They cannot eat or absorb nutrients, their only goal is to mate within that one week. His time with the moth will be limited, share their beautiful journey.