Here Are The 31 Most #Sarcastically #Hilarious #Comebacks

Sarcasm is a type of art. It takes a great deal of ability to produce an ironical quip or return on the spot. That is why we are honoring these 31 individuals and their fantastic acts of sarcasm… since, let us face it, there is no chance we could be this amusing on the fly. Thank you, ironical individuals of the world, for making us laugh so hard.

1. Why not?

Sure thing

2. Win!


3. I believe I understand exactly what occurred here.

I think I know what happened here

4. Business burn.

Corporate burn

5. Great tree.

Nice tree

6. Elaine understands exactly what’s going on.

Elaine knows what's up

7. Siri is giving some mindset.

Siri is giving some attitude

8. This is how an uprising starts.

This is how an uprising begins

9. *rimshot*


10. I see exactly what you did there.

I see what you did there

11. And how about the bars made from chocolate?

how about the bars made of chocolate

12. Oh, MEN.


13. Somebody needs to return to anatomy class…

Someone needs to go back to anatomy class

14. Wow.


15. That isn’t passive aggressive or anything.

That's not passive aggressive or anything

16. LOL.


17. I’m so shaken off by those quotes.

I'm so thrown off by those quotes

18. “Joni” doesn’t get it.

I don't think Joni got it

19. Texting with your kids? Look out for sarcasm.

Texting with your kids

20. Hanging something in public? Spell it properly.

Hanging something in public

21. Legitimate answer.

Valid question

22. I believe I like Roger.

I think I love Roger

23. Kept in mind.


24. Extraordinary work!

Incredible work

25. Now that’s simply excellent suggestion.

Now that's just good advice

26. THAT’S exactly what that indication suggests…

So THAT'S what that sign means

27. Really?


28. Bulletin board system will not be squandered.

Bulletin boards will not be wasted

29. Know your audience.

Know your audience

30. Restroom graffiti win.

Bathroom graffiti win

31. I do not think that is what they implied…

I do not think that is what they implied

We really hope these returns function as a motivation for the next time you need to handle somebody taking your food from the workplace pantry. Spread out the hilarity by sharing this post!