How To Harness The Power Of Elimination To Maximize Your Focus And Master Your Priorities

Eliminate ruthlessly
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Write down 25 goals.

Review your list and circle your top 5 goals. At this point, you will have 2 lists. The 5 items you have circled are List A and the 20 items you have not circled are List B.

List B simply became your list of distractions.

Come what may, these things do not get attention from you till you have completed your top 5. Eliminating inefficient products and choices is fairly simple. It’s getting rid of things you appreciate that is tough.

Every habit has an expense.

It is tough to avoid utilizing your time on things that are simple to justify, however have little reward. The jobs that have the best possibility of hindering your development are the ones you appreciate, however are not really essential. They use up time and energy that could be put on much better habits or more crucial jobs.

List B are things you appreciate.

They are necessary to you. It is extremely simple to validate investing your time on them. When you compare them to your List A, these items are distractions.

Eliminate ruthlessly.

Force yourself to focus. Finish a job or kill it. The most harmful distractions are the ones you love, but that do not love you back.