I Didn’t Know How to Process This #Amazing #Story So I Just #Cried

When Brandon Curtis learned that his father Brian had advanced lung cancer, he was crushed. Brian wasn’t going to seek chemotherapy because of his Parkinson’s disease. Only months earlier Brandon lost his sister, without warning, to a virus that attacked her heart. But, through all of the pain and suffering, something amazing happened.

Brandon flew home to Nebraska to see his father. His dad defeated him in checkers, talk about guy stuff and drank Miller Lites together for the very first time. Brian has only 6 months to live and the father and son are wasting no time to bond.

Brandon flew home

Brandon’s oldest sister, Jana, had died suddenly from an unknown heart virus just 8 months before — no one had a chance to say goodbye. So when they found out about Brian’s cancer, they were determined to show him how much they loved him and to say goodbye.

Jana passed away

Brandon’s family decided to launch an online campaign, #SkyBluePink, that would hopefully bring happiness and love to Brian in his last days. “Sky blue pink” is his favorite color. It’s the color of sun rises and sun sets.

sky blue pink

Brandon wanted to fill his father’s life with his favorite color.

fill father’s life

Just a week after the campaign was created, they received over 500 submissions that were enough to spread the whole wall at his nursing home.

received 500 submissions

#Skybluepink brought joy to Brian’s life. Complete strangers were sending in their love, connecting father and son no matter how far apart they were.

joy to Brian

2 weeks after the campaign creations, Good Show Great Show wrote a new song, just for Brian, called Sky Blue Pink. Brian’s daughter Cindy loved playing it for him.

Good Show Great Show

On August 12th their dad is fading fast. Brandon connects with his father on Skype, knowing it might be the last time he can talk to him. After rushing and waiting on flights, Brandon walked into his dad’s room and sat next to him. Brandon and Cindy let him sleep, and Brian died later on August 13th, just 1 day before Brandon’s 30th birthday. Nothing will replace their father, but the reminder that people in this world can be truly compassionate and caring remind them that Brian KNEW he was loved.