I Had No #Clue Where He Was Going With This And Now I’m #Starving And #Ready To Make It Too

It’s hard to get really excited over recipes (unless you’re a brilliant cook, which I am not). But, this recipe in particular found a way to make me actually… happy. It’s unofficially called “mystery pizza bread”. The fact that there pizza, bread AND mystery involved should let you know this is going to be one epic meal.

First, gather your ingredients.

gather your ingredients

Next, prepare to make the dough.

make the dough

Flours (strong white + semolina) and salt.

Flours and salt

Pour in water/sugar/yeast/olive oil mixture.

Pour in mixture

Work it in (things may get messy).

Work it in

Dat dough…

Dat dough

Prepare your ingredients.

Prepare your ingredients

Make sure you have plenty of meat.

plenty of meat

You can add veggies too, if you so desire.

add veggies too

Prepare your work area.

your work area

Now, roll out that dough.

roll out dough

Banana for scale.

Banana for scale

Cut the dough into the pocket-sized pieces.

Cut the dough

Get ready…

Get ready

Now, FILL. Make some interesting flavor combinations.

interesting flavor combinations

Roll those beauties into balls.

Roll those beauties

Place them in baking pans (with room enough in the middle). Bake at 350°F for 35-45 minutes.

Bake at 350°F

Now: the sauce. Fry the garlic for a minute over low heat then add passata.

Fry the garlic

Add basil.

Add basil

Also throw in some salt/pepper, a little bit of olive oil.

throw in oil



Ahhh, all done.

all done

Make sure you let the pizza balls sit.

let balls sit

They WILL be hot.

WILL be hot

The veggie plate.

The veggie plate

The MEAT plate.

The MEAT plate

Taking the first bite…

the first bite

So gorgeous.

So gorgeous

This would make any get together awesome.

make any get together awesome

And thus, your life will feel complete.

your life complete

You may normally not get that excited about food, but it’s completely normal for you to fall completely in love with these pizza balls. If you set up the dough balls correctly, you’ll create a mysterious platter of meats and cheeses. You won’t know what you’ll be biting into next… Share this awesome recipe with others! See More Of ‘BigEatsBen’ Recipes Here