I Have No Idea How I Lived Before Finding These 33 GENIUS Products

Something as simple as a cleverly designed product can make you life so much better than it is now. Just buying something “useful” might not seem like much of an improvement, but after you save time and money your mind just might change on that matter. You’re probably doing lots of things that are terribly inefficient but you don’t even realize it. These products will help you out, all the while looking extremely cool in the process. You might want to get out your credit card.

1. Tea light candle holders that keeps you from burning your fingers.

Tea light candle

2. Keep your books open while you read with this small tool.

Keep your books

3. This clever bookshelf makes it look like your books are floating.

This clever bookshelf

4. Never forget your keys when you’re going out the door with this magnetic light switch plate.

Never forget keys

5. Goggle umbrellas will keep you super dry, even if you look super nerdy.

keep you dry

6. Staple-free staplers are safe for kids and cool for adults.

Staple free staplers

7. Turn your storage options up to 11 with these helpful cases and bags.

your storage options

8. Avoid soap scum with this genius dish.

Avoid soap scum

9. These dip dishes won’t take up extra space on your plate.

dip dishes space

10. Floating origami candles are self-contained and absolutely adorable.

Floating origami candles

11. BoonGlo Nightlights are safe for children and they can be taken all over the house.

safe for children

12. The Puzzleboard serving plate is both attractive and functional.

Puzzleboard serving plate

13. You can stack plastic bags in these trash bags so you won’t have to mess with them.

stack plastic bags

14. These cute drying racks keep your counter dry, so mold and bacteria doesn’t form.

cute drying racks

15. Removing these plugs with a helpful hook is easy and won’t damage your outlets.

plugs with hook

16. Magnetic measuring spoons stick on your fridge so you’ll never lose them.

Magnetic measuring spoons

17. Help save the environment by using this reusable spray bottle.

save the environment

18. Is this a shelf or a desk? Turns out, it’s both.

shelf or desk

19. This clever soap dispenser stops the spread of bacteria by keeping your fingers clean.

clever soap dispenser

20. Spoon and chopsticks can be used in various ways… and they are all genius.

Spoon and chopsticks

21. Turn mason jars into bento-box-like snack jars.

mason jars snack

22. Stop tying your shoes and use lace anchors.

Stop tying shoes

23. This tote can hold your food AND your bottom while you’re out on a picnic.

tote hold food

24. Clean your hairbrush without any hassle.

Clean your hairbrush

25. This whisk is absolutely genius. Period.

25.) This whisk is absolutely genius. Period.

26. These beautiful bike racks don’t take up space on the sidewalk when they’re not in use.

beautiful bike racks

27. If you have a small kitchen, this two-tiered dish rack will save you space.

kitchen dish rack

28. Did you know that you were probably cutting and storing your vegetables incorrectly? These veggie covers will help.

cutting and storing

29. This simple clip will stop your earbud cords from getting hopelessly tangled.

stop cords tangled

30. Live in a place with a lot of precipitation? Get this backpack with a built-in hood.

built in hood

31. You don’t need an expensive water dispenser. Use this cordless pump.

water dispenser pump

32. Brew coffee on the go with this ingenious travel mug.

coffee travel mug

33. If you love Nutella… you need this.

you love Nutella

I had no idea that I was tying my shoes or cutting vegetables wrong. The designers of these products should get some kind of award for their clever work. Share these cool products with others and leave a comment below: