I’d Be #Terrified If I Saw This #Below My Own #Boat

You never ever really understand exactly what might be prowling in it the ocean when taking a trip. What animals may lie beneath? Or perhaps scarier, what are simply beneath the surface area? Would you feel better if you can see with your own eyes?

Envision you see this when you look down from your ship.

Looking down boat

It’s an epic migration of the golden rays!

migration of rays

They move to warmer waters through the Mexico Gulf 2 times a year.

migrate warmer waters

They usually travel in groups of thousands, making the ocean’s surface area gold.

move in groups

Although marvelous looking, do not get too close. Their dangerous stinger can kill humans.

stingers kill humans

Do not worry. They only attack when cornered. Your can still dive with them.

attack when cornered

So, when is your next trip?

taking a trip

In some way I believe you’ll reconsider questioning exactly what might hide below the waters after reading this. Next time, it could be a more dangerous animal lying right under your boat.